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The CCC Assistant Manager is responsible for overseeing an area that takes the majority of inbound calls from our customers relating to (but not limited to) questions, regarding our bank products and services, online banking, bill pay, mobile banking, change of address requests, etc. and ensuring that the customer’s request is met, that any questions are cleared and that their experience by phone is a positive one.


The duties listed below may not include all responsibilities that the person in this role may be asked to perform. Incumbent may be required to perform other related duties as assigned.

1. Supervising: Assist the call center agents and all INB branches with questions or concerns regarding our customer’s needs.  Review the agents work and helping to develop their skills.
2. Respond to escalated telephone and customer inquiries promptly.  Ensure customer issues and concerns are resolved.
3. Lead team in a professional and effective manner.
4. Encourage team to think creatively and effectively to help develop and execute practical solutions and improvements. 
5. Incoming calls: Assist the CC agents in taking calls and monitoring the call metrics of the agents.
6. Reports: Responsible for generating and reviewing daily, monthly, and quarterly departmental reports. 
7. Audits: Conduct internal department audits to ensure compliance with bank policy and procedures.
8. Online Services:  Assist customers with online services set up to view their financial information through our website.
9. Mobile Banking: Assists our customers with process to activate their mobile phone to view balances and account activity.
10. Link Live Chat:  Assists our customers and potential customers by instant messaging with inquiries submitted through our webpage and online banking.
11. Direct Access:  Assist our customers with setting up their electronic banking password so they may listen to their financial information through our automated system.
12. Bill Pay:  Assist our customers with setting up for our bill pay system. Provide assistance with person-to-person payments and account-to-account payments.
13. Change of address:  Ensure that agents are changing the information on our customer’s account according to the requests received from them.  In addition, review the report that allows for us to see which agents should be turning in what changes of address—file maintenance report on a daily basis.
14. Debit Card: Assist customers with debit card activation, cancellation, and limit increase requests. 
15. Debit Card Limit Increases: Ensure that card limit increase requests are processed accordingly and approved within department limits. 
16. Sweeps/Automatic Transfers: Ensure that accounts are set up correctly. Ensure that there is no ODP on the debited account, that signature matches and that the accounts specified on the documents are eligible for the sweep service.
17. Stop Payments: Ensure that the stop payment is set up correctly, either one time or repetitive. Ensure that the item has not cleared the account and that a company id is added if needed.
18. TMS: Review and approve.
19. Disputes: Accepts disputes using the dispute tracking system. Ensures all documentation related to disputes is submitted. 
20. Return Mail: Ensure the Return Mail process is being conducted according to policy and procedures for the department. Place the correspondent addenda’s on the accounts for any mail that is returned to us from the post office. Make sure that the proper codes to charge the account are also placed. Keep the first statement returned to us locked up in a cabinet and mailing the return mail letter to the customer if a forwarding address is provided.
21. Research Request: Assist our customers with any research needed regarding information on their accounts. Charge the correspondent fees.  Forward any documentation to the correspondent department if the time frame requested is out of the length of time our system provides.
22. Account closure maintenance:  Oversee that agents are completing maintenance on closed accounts with appropriate closing reason code.
23. SSN Online Registrations: Input correspondent information for the SSN requests received from SS administration.
24. Verification of deposits: Review proper documentation and signatures are received when completing verification of deposits requests for credit, mortgage, and government agencies.
25. INB Email: Assist in responding to any requests or complaints that are sent to us through our website [email protected]
26. Scheduling: Assists in preparing weekly work schedules for the department.
27. Prepare daily lunch schedules for Customer Care Agents. 
28. Evaluation: Assist in reviewing the evaluations/ annual performance for Customer Care Agents.
29. Interviewing and calling to set up interviews: In occasions, interview candidates for the call center positions. Provide feedback to aid in their development.
30. Training/Quality Assurance: Review CC agents calls to ensure appropriate service levels are being maintained and provide the necessary coaching.
31. Call Rex System: Listen to Customer Care Agents calls and provide coaching on call handling.
32. Assures compliance with all Bank policies and procedures, as well as all applicable state and federal bank regulations, which include BSA, CIP and OFAC requirements as they apply to this particular job title/position.
33. Workflow: Monitor working queues on Work Flow to ensure work is assigned promptly. Ensure all work found under the Working Queue’s are completed for the department.


These specifications are general guidelines based on the minimum experience normally considered essential to the satisfactory performance of this position. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/or ability required to perform the position in a satisfactory manner. Individual abilities may result in some deviation from these guidelines.

• Excellent customer service skills.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to multi-task.
• Ability to perform clerical functions.
• Must be fluent in English and Spanish language.
• Ability to work independently.
• Excellent listening and concentration skills.
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Ability to make informed decisions.



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At INB, we have a committed professional team that share a passion for service. We are a team that values relationships and work together for the greater good of our customers. We strive to follow our motto "One Team. One Bank. One Company."

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