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Paying the baby sitter, your best friend or your membership dues just got a lot easier. So did collecting money for team t-shirts. With Popmoney® from Inter National Bank, sending money or collecting it is as simple as sending an email. It’s just one of the features of our new and convenient online bill pay.

Popmoney® is an innovative new banking service that allows you to pay people without the hassle of writing checks or using cash. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number. Popmoney is convenient, fast and secure. You may access Popmoney from within your Online Banking Bill Pay system.

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Popmoney Benefits

Convenience - Send money from your Online Banking account to an email address or mobile number.

Fast - Popmoney offers the convenience of sending next day or 3 day payments. Pay rent to a landlord, send money to your child at college, without ever writing and mailing a check or even having to visit the recipients financial institution.

Secure - Popmoney uses SSL encryption which ensures that your connection and information are secure from outside inspection.


  • Send secure electronic payments to anyone, at any bank within the United States
  • Send money and a personalized message to friends and family. It is the perfect last minute gift.
  • Access Popmoney directly from the security and convenience of online banking
  • Access the largest person-to-person payment network for financial institutions, with 1,400 participating banks


How Popmoney Works

Sending Money - To send money, log into your online bank account and look for the Online Bill Pay button. In the Online Bill Pay section, click "Popmoney". Send money to anyone using his/her email address, or mobile number.

Personalized Payment Message - Popmoney offers the ability to send e-greetings; enabling you to send a personalized message with email templates. It is easy, fast and convenient.

Receiving Money - The recipient will receive an email or text message telling them someone sent money. The recipient may provide their account information at The money will be sent to that account. If the recipient does not provide their account information, the payment will be automatically returned to the sender.

Add a Contact - If you need to add a new recipient, select add Contact, Enter the new recipient’s First Name, Last Name, and Nickname (optional). Select the Payment Method Email/Mobile Phone. Only recipient mobile phone or email address are required. If a recipient’s mobile phone number Is entered the recipient must be set up to receive SMS messages on their mobile device.

Preferences - A customer can view which email addresses and mobile numbers have been registered with Popmoney. Add any missing email addresses and mobile phone numbers by clicking "Add an Email" or "Add a Phone Number".

Activity - View, Print and Download your payment information from within the activity tab.


Popmoney Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I use Popmoney for?

A: Popmoney is easy and convenient for you and the people you send money to. They can simply receive the money into their deposit account online, saving them a trip to their financial institution. Popmoney® can be used to:

  • • Send a gift to family and friends
  • • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates

Q: Will my deposit account information be shared with the recipient?

A: No. Your bank account information will not be shared with the recipient. The recipient will only see your first name, last name and the message you wrote for the payment. When you send a message to an email address, the recipient will also see your email address. Similarly, you will not be able to see the recipients bank account information.

Q: What are the different ways I can send money to someone?

A: Email address: Your contact will receive an email message with instructions on how to deposit the payment directly into their bank account. Mobile phone number: Your contact will receive a text message with instructions on how to deposit the payment directly into their bank account. You may want to consider the above option of payment if the recipient cannot receive or pays extra to receive text messages.

Q: Why am I asked to provide my mobile phone number and verify it?

A: Popmoney enables anyone to send you money using your mobile phone number. To ensure you receive these payments, we need you to register and verify your mobile phone number. In addition, for your protection we may send you a text message with a verification code to your mobile phone when you send money.

Q: Why am I asked to verify my email address?

A: Popmoney enables anyone to send you money using your email address. To ensure you receive these payments, we need you to register and verify your email address. In addition, we’ll inform you when your payment is processed, when your contact has deposited the payment, and if any changes are made to your Popmoney profile. We will also inform you in the unlikely event that your payment fails.

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